CALD, Migrant and Refugee Students in Higher Education project

UNSW and MYAN NSW embarked on a pilot project to meet the professional development needs of university teaching and support staff, as well as the students involved in the ASPIRE outreach program, who come into contact with culturally and linguistically diverse, migrant and refugee (CALDMR) students.

Youth Settlement Factsheets

MYAN NSW develops annual statewide snapshots on youth arrivals aged 12-24 from family, skilled and humanitarian program streams, using the latest data from the Department of Home Affairs. The snapshot includes information on a range of demographic data, including age, gender, religion, language and settlement location.

Consultations and reports

MYAN NSW regularly engages with young people from refugee and migrant communities and relevant sectors to hear directly about their perspectives and experiences.

National Youth Settlement Framework

The National Youth Settlement Framework (NYSF) 2020 edition remains Australia’s first and only evidence-based national guide to benchmark good practice with young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds – and is the only one of its kind globally.

With practical tools, including Self-Assessment Guides, and a range of supplementary resources the NYSF is designed to equip policymakers and service providers with the skills and knowledge to best support young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to thrive in Australia.

Multicultural Youth Australia project

The Multicultural Youth Australia Census Status Report 2017/2018 is the first ever status report and national study of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.