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My name is Angela and I’m a Communications and Research Consultant. I think that storytelling is a powerful tool for building connections to others and to place. I’m passionate about connecting with and empowering people to become active citizens in their communities. I joined the YA Hub to meet new people and to learn more about how policies are created.


I’m an international student with a flair for photography. I’m a dedicated advocate for youth and community. Hailing from Nepal, I’m passionate about capturing moments through camera lenses and I fostering positive change. My journey has taken a purposeful direction by joining MYAN NSW. I was drawn by MYAN’s vision to empower and amplify the voices of young people from diverse backgrounds. This work aligns with my values.


My name is Joanna and I am a current student studying a Bachelor of Social Work. I really enjoy running and doing arts and crafts! As an aspiring youth worker, I am passionate about all things Youth and working with my community to create a place that we all love and care for. Countless conversations around this topic have taken place in many of my contexts and many have experienced their struggles. So, the YA hub was the perfect place to tackle the issue and attempt to produce something both productive and effective.


Hi! My name is Jodie and I’m currently doing Politics, International Relations and Asian Studies at Sydney Uni. I have particular interests in social issues and multicultural affairs, and I’m also interested in travelling during my spare time! I choose to take part in the MYAN NSW YA hub as it allows me to connect with more like-minded peers from multicultural backgrounds, as well as to develop my skills in policy research and communication.


Ailsa is a creative professional passionate about intersections of technology, art and community building. She is currently working at Burwood Library makerspace and as a Digital Storyteller at StoryFactory, while completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts/ Arts. MYAN offers Ailsa a chance to advocate for marginalised people and value lived experience as a child of Chinese immigrants growing up in Western Sydney.


My name is Asma and I am a university student. I am passionate about football, reading and travelling. I am interested in the YA hub because of my strong interest in human rights and social justice. I am thrilled to collaborate with bright and like-minded individuals whilst simultaneously developing my professional skills. I believe that this is not only an opportunity for personal growth but a chance to make a tangible impact.


I am a current year 12 student, interested in philosophy, advocacy, youth involvement in politics, international relations. I joined the YA Hub as it would be a great opportunity to meet other likeminded peers, give back to a community I am highly passionate about, and expand my perspective and awareness of other cultures.