Helping newly arrived students settle in

We have run New Beginnings since 2017, delivering it to over 2000 students in partnership with 30 peer facilitators.

Students learn about Australia’s long history and culture, emergency preparedness, Australian slang, how to volunteer and other topics designed and delivered by peer facilitators.

Impact on young people

New Beginnings is an innovative program that improves the experiences of young people settling in Australia.

Students build a stronger sense of belonging, develop greater confidence to help out in the community and build awareness of support services and how to access them.

Peer facilitators grow more diverse networks, learn new skills to help others and develop greater confidence to be active participants in the Australian community.

Run this program in your school

We can tailor the New Beginnings program to suit the needs of your students. Whether they have just arrived or have been in Australia for a few years, the New Beginnings program can support them to build confidence, knowledge and a sense of belonging.

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