We won the NSW Service of the Year 2023 award

It is an absolute honour to be awarded the NSW Service of the Year 2023 award.

MYAN NSW Youth Forum

MYAN NSW hosted a youth forum on 9 November 2023 alongside Youth Advisor Hub members.

MYAN NSW went to Canberra

We attended the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network National Multicultural Youth Summit with young people from NSW.

The MYAN NSW team and young people had the pleasure of meeting Senator Jana Stewart.

MYAN NSW values the voices of young people and supports them in elevating their voices to key decision makers.

What filming at SBS studios reminded me about young people and the media

As a youth worker, it’s not everyday I get to bring a group of young people to a major TV channel’s filming studio. Here’s what I learned.

Walk the talk: how looking after your own mental health helps young people do the same

Talking openly with young people from multicultural communities about our own mental health shows them how to begin breaking the stigma that prevents them from seeking help when they need it.

Winning Hearts and Minds with the Social Contract

Why should young people talk to you? Why should they share their stories with your organisation specifically? What are you doing for them in return?

Let’s Settle In – not your usual introduction to Australia

MYAN NSW’s Let’s Settle In project was a series of interactive workshops to welcome and share skills and knowledge to newly arrived refugee students to assist them in their transition to Australia.

Harmony Day: Here are six reasons why all of us should celebrate it

Narayan Khanal, MYAN Youth Ambassador, explains why Harmony Day is so important.

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